Interest Free Solar Power Finance

Think solar is expensive? Think again! Introducing our Pay as you Save Solar!

The upfront costs of a new solar power system are not suitable for everyone and we are proud to offer an affordable option for Australian households called “Pay as you save” Solar.

This enables you to be independent with your own solar system from as little as $30 per week.

There are many finance options available to Australians but some have large interest rates, hidden fees & costs. Here are a few reasons to contact us today:

Flexible Choice of System Size

Interest free and no hidden costs

All systems are tailored to you

Quickly Estimate Your Solar Power Repayments

Our new ‘Solar Power Costing System’ has been created to assist you in understanding what your interest free “pay as you save” repayments might be.

At the same time you will also find out in a few easy steps what Solar Power Systems will best suit your home.

Simply complete the ‘Quick Brief’ set out below and click SUBMIT. It should take you no longer than 2 minutes to complete.

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Roof Design:

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Are you upgrading an existing Solar Power System?

Which direction does your roof face?

Is your system for residential or commercial use?

Is your power single phase or three phase?

What described your power bill?